Trinh + Richard's Romantic Wedding Ceremony
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Trinh + Richard's Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Ronin 2

Planning #TinyWedding for 50 or less??

Check Out These Pro Tips for Hosting Your Ceremony at Ronin 2!
  • Keep your bridal party under 8 - 10 people total. 4-5 bridesmaids or grooms men is a perfect for an intimate ceremony.
  • Tie in something traditional to your special day. Ask family elders what they did for thier weddings, or start a new family tradition on your own! This is a great way to bring both families together.
  • Capture the details. Write down your vows in a custom notebooks and have your photographer get a few shots of them together.

Photography: @GivernyWedding | Florals and Decor: @KimEvents7 | Venue: Ronin 2 @RoninArtHouse

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